Nutrition And Diet

The following services are provided in our outpatient clinic;

  • Obesity Nutrition and obesity,
  • Weight loss programs,
  • Nutrition at Diabetes mellitus (Diabetes),
  • Nutrition at Heart-Vascular Diseases
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and gestational diabetes,
  • Childhood and Adolescent Nutrition,
  • Nutrition in kidney diseases,
  • Nutrition in cancer,
  • Sports nutrition,
  • Nutrition at  digestive system diseases,
  • Nutrition at bone and joint diseases,
  • Special monthly menu planning for institutions
Nutrition Programs

The following characteristics of the person are measured with the Advanced Body Composition Analysis tool used in preparing nutrition programs.

  • Size,
  • Weight,
  • Body fat ratio,
  • Body fat percentage,
  • Muscle density,
  • Lean body weight,
  • Total body water,
  • Basal metabolic rate,
  • Biological age determination,
  • Edema formation
How Do We Evaluate?

We evaluate you individually with your lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity and unity. We do your body analysis regularly throughout the program. Our body analysis device displays the amount of fat and muscle locally. Internal organs around the rate of fat, basal metabolic rate and the patient's physical structure are rated. Unlike other analysis devices, we are able to analyze the formation of oedema, which masks total body fluid, intracellular fluid amount, intracellular fluid amount and most of the time weight efficiency. We measure the amount of fat, muscle, bone, water and metabolism in your body. As a result of the data we receive, we prepare a special nutrition program and follow it until we reach our goals. We help you make healthy and balanced nutrition a habit.

At every stage of your life, you need to get complete food items that are essential for a healthy, productive and quality life..The difference between people is much bigger than you think. Everyone's metabolism works differently. Every person is different. The healthy diet program that will be prepared for you is only specific to you. Your lifestyle, activity, habits should be evaluated and prepared. Nutrition is the foundation of health. We expect everyone to become conscious and shed light on this subject to our diet and Nutrition Policlinic.

Today, many diseases prevention or ease the course of disease, stopping and the importance of nutrition in reducing the healing process is becoming more and more understood. For a healthy life and a quality life, nutrition is essential. Nutrition is the foundation of health. Some of the topics you can get advice from our dietitians are as follows:

Nutrition At Obesity And Fatness:

For a healthy life, the energy consumed and the energy spent must be kept in balance. The more energy consumed daily, , the more fat will be stored in the body. Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body that will disrupt health. 15-18 % of body weight in adult men and 20-25 % in women constitute fat tissue. This ratio is 25 % in men and 30 % in women over the level of obesity. Obesity is a serious disease that brings along many health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic disorders, joint diseases, some cancers, gall bladder and liver diseases, digestive system problems and needs to be treated. In the permanent treatment of obesity, nutrition must be regulated.

Nutrition In Pregnancy And Gestational Diabetes:

It is necessary to eat adequate and balanced nutrition to meet fewer problems during pregnancy and after birth and to bring healthy babies to the world. As a society, we care more about the feeding of pregnant women and intervene. Most of the time, we direct the baby to the wrong foods in order to feed well. For this reason, the number of people who gain more weight than should be in pregnancy is high. Weight gain not only increases the risk of heart and vascular diseases, obesity, diabetes in the future of the baby it also overburdens the mother. Nutrition of calories taken from foods that are not nutritious can cause growth retardation in the baby. It is very important for the mother to know the proper nutrition.

Nutrition Of Childhood And Adolescent Age:

Obesity, occurring in childhood and adolescent period, prepares the ground for adulthood obesity. It is of great importance to be protected from obesity. Obesity, which starts before the age of five and after the age of fifteen, is more dangerous. It has been shown that 26-41 % of overweight children in pre-school age and 42-63% of overweight children in school age continue to be overweight at an early age. Eating habits settle at an early age. If your child is overweight according to the, when the age is taken into account, the cause of weight should be investigated well and intervention in the early ages is required. Remember that fat children are not well fed, healthy children and obesity is also a nutritional deficiency.



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