Otolaryngology-Head And Neck Diseases

Otolaryngology-Head And Neck Diseases

Otolaryngology-Head And Neck Diseases

In our Otolaryngology clinic, Polyclinic services and surgical treatments of patients after hospitalization are performed.

After examination, (laboratory and imaging) and audiological evaluation, all of our patients are diagnosed and treated. All necessary modern instruments and devices, especially endoscopy, are available in the otolaryngology examination.

External Ear Diseases

Middle ear diseases: acute and chronic inflammation of the bone problems.

Inner ear diseases: dizziness, ringing and hearing loss caused by disorders.

Nasal diseases: curve of the nasal bone, polyps and cancers in the nose, acute and chronic sinusitis treatments, seasonal and continuous allergic rhinitis.

Oral infections, cysts and tumors, inflammation and growth of tonsils and adenoids, causes and treatment of snoring;

Inflammation of vocal cords and surrounding areas, polyps and nodules, cancers of the larynx, speech disorders;

Head and Neck Surgery Diseases

Face and Surrounding Aesthetic Surgery: especially the nose aesthetic is successfully implemented by our experienced team.


Opr. Dr. Tolgahan TOROSLU

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