Children's Health and Diseases

Children's Health and Diseases

Children's Health and Diseases

The Department of Child Health and diseases provides services in three units, Polyclinic, underlying patient service and neonatal baby room.


In our Polyclinic, Child Health and diseases, 0-16 age group children in the physical and mental development is monitored; diagnosis and treatment are performed in cases of disease. Childhood vaccines are administered in accordance with the calendar.
The Polyclinic waiting room and rooms are arranged to ensure that children are examined in a comfortable and safe environment.

In addition, all employees are careful to behave in accordance with child psychology. A BREASTFEEDING ROOM was established in sufficient width and equipment for the mothers to be able to breastfeed. Each patient can choose his / her doctor from our team.

Inpatient Service

For children, hospitalization is also a trauma with the awareness of the parents first and as little as possible care is taken to separate. Physicians evaluate their patients at least twice a day. Every attempt is made with the consent of the patient family.

Newborn Baby Room
  1. All the rules of being a Baby Friendly Hospital are observed.
  2. There is a pediatric specialist in all of the birth in our hospital and performs the first intervention / examination of the baby.
  3. In the following days, the child doctor, together with nurses,enables the mother and baby to spend these delicate and tiring days easier.
  4. Blood pressure measurement is routine in terms of jaundice.
  5. The blood sample is taken from each baby in terms of hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria.
  6. All babies are screened for hearing tests when they arrive at the first check.
  7. Temporary problems that may occur during the first hours following birth are usually resolved in the baby's room.
  8. Due to its being side-by-side with newborn intensive care, it can be intervened quickly in case of a problem.

Uzm. Dr. Serhat AYDIN

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