There are Those Who Have Unnecessarily Treated with Insulin

President of Turkish Diabetes Society Dr. Hasan İlkova, said "Anyone with diabetes is not Type 1 or Type 2. Genetic mutation-related diabetes; Most of these, instead of low-dose medication, 90 percent of unnecessary use of insulin is treated".

At Turkey and the Turkish Diabetes Association 52nd Speaking to reporters organized by the Diabetes Foundation Professor of International Diabetes Congress Prof. Dr. Hasan Ilkova emphasized that the prevalence of diabetes has increased more than expected in Turkey in the last 10 years.

Prof. Dr. İlkova stated that between 1998-2010 the number of diabetes in Turkey increased one hundred percent  This is a type of disease that is not known, unknown, even physicians do not know much, is not investigated because it is unknown, gene analysis can not be done. Again, diabetes is unknown but is not recognized because it is not required. In another words, it is diabetes called MODY? The prevalence of this disease in the total number of people with diabetes is between 2 and 5 percent, but varies from country to country,” he said.

He stated that in case of 2 percent in Turkey is taken as basis, more than 100 thousand people are mentioned and  Prof. Dr. Ilkova continued as follows:

“These people are undiagnosed and unnecessarily treated with a large portion of insulin. This is the treatment of insulin that can not provide better treatment of diabetes in the lives of patients on the one hand. Unnecessarily, it brings a burden to the health economy. Actually, it is the gene mutation, the defect in the gene. It's a congenital genetic disorder. Newborn diabetes is also included in this group.. It is possible to treat diabetes by giving these people a certain dose of a drug that we will use in simple diabetes treatment. It's possible to get rid of the insulin they've used for years."

"When the lowest number in Turkey in the case of 5 million diabetics is taken as basis, 100 thousand have the wrong diagnoses today," said Prof. Dr. Ilkova, “yes, diabetes, but not type 1 or type 2. Genetic mutated diabetes. The vast majority of these people are treated by using insulin unnecessarily, perhaps 90 percent. We are not the only ones in the world,” he said.

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