General Information:
  • Name - Surname: Specialist Dr. Mehmet UÇMAK
  • Internal Diseases and Hemodialysis
  • Date and Place of Birth: 01.01.1975 - ŞANLIURFA
  • Uludag University Faculty of Medicine
  • Tepecik Training and Research Hospital (internal medicine)
  • Hemodialysis training in Adana Numune Hospital
The Institutions He Worked For:
  • Private Şanlıurfa Şanmed Hospital
  • Private Izmir Sada Hospital

Warning: As Dr. Mehmet UCMAK, who works at the academy hospital, I have never and cannot declare to any patient that I cure the diabetes. My job as a doctor is to regulate patients' blood sugars. It is sugar that disrupts the kidneys, eyes and nerves, not pills. The type of treatment varies from patient to patient. There was no use of drugs other than the drugs paid by SSI. There are no treatment options other than insulin in type 1 diabetics. Yours truly

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