General Information:
  • Name-Surname: Ali Rıza Gür
  • Branch: Dermatology
  • Date and place of Birth: 26/11/1952 Elazığ

He studied at Ankara University Medical Faculty between 1970-1976.
Between 1977 and 1980, he worked as a general practitioner in Kandilli Erzurum.
Between 1980-1988 He received expertise in dermatology at GATA.
He worked as a specialist in dermatology at Sivas Military Hospital between 1983-1987. In 1987, He started his education as associate professor at GATA and between 1997-2004 he continued his duty as a professor. Between 1988-2004, He served as the head of Department of Dermatology at GATA.

The Institutions He Worked For:
  • He was a specialist in dermatology and chief physician at the Private Hospital in Ankara.
  • He was a specialist in dermatology at Istanbul private Silivri Anatolian Anatolian hospital and Mersin private Yenişehir hospital.
Medical Fields Of Interest:
  • Dermatology


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